Directions to Our School

Our school's address is 435 Sparks Lane, Pickens SC. We are located off of Ann Street near downtown Pickens. Please call our school if you need detailed directions.

Visiting Our School

We welcome visitors to our school. Our school has a secure front entrance, and directions for entry are posted on the front door.

All visitors, including parents and school volunteers, must stop by the front office and sign in on the computer.

You may be asked to show your photo identification to the receptionist. After you complete the sign-in process, a label with your name and destination will print, and you are asked to wear your identifying label while you are in our school.

Return your label to the front office when you sign out from your visit.

Visits with Our Teachers

Teachers are eager to talk with parents and guardians, and all visits for parent/teacher conferences should be arranged prior to each visit.

Teacher contact information, including email links and phone numbers, are included in the Staff Directory under Our Staff linked above.