School Improvement Council

As required by the State of South Carolina, Hagood convenes a School Improvement Council (SIC). Hagood has developed a strategic plan that the Council uses as the focus of its work in conjunction with the school and the School District of Pickens County. The Council monitors implementation of the plan and evaluates progress in reaching goals. The School Summary Report, a report of the school's yearly progress, will be posted annually on the school website by April 30th. Council members have input into the written narrative section of Hagood's report card.

The School Improvement Council meets during the school year to keep abreast of school happenings. Parent, faculty and community representatives discuss concerns, make suggestions for school improvements and have input in making school-wide decisions.

School Improvement Council members representing the community are appointed by our principal. Parents and teachers are elected by their peers to serve a one or two-year term.

Elections for the 2014-2015 school year will be held in Fall 2014.

The annual School Improvement Council Summary Report is made available to parents each Spring.

2015-2016 Members

Daniel Stanley, Chairman
Rebecca Newman, Parent
Angie Smith, Parent
Lydia Trotter, Teacher
Crystal Herring, Staff Member
Barbara Woody, Community Member
Dr. Gaye Mourtizon, Community Member
Don. Lunquist, Community Member
Paula Alexander, Principal
Jodi Bigham, Assistant Principal
Joelie Bynum, Reading Coach