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Hagood Elementary School is located on 435 Sparks Lane in Pickens, South Carolina. Hagood serves approximately 320 students in Prekindergarten (K4) through Grade 5. Hagood also serves students in Orthopedic and Learning Challenged self-contained classes for the School District of Pickens County. Students in these classes are mainstreamed whenever possible.

Hagood Elementary School is one of five feeder schools for Pickens Middle School and Pickens High School.

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History of School 

The current facility was first occupied in 1980. The student body and faculty were both composed of people from the old Hagood school on Schoolhouse Street in Pickens and from Pickens Elementary School.

Principals in this facility include current Principal Karen D. Jackson, Dianne Nealy (Interim), Jean P. Perry, Katherine Porter and Margaret Stewart.

Hagood Elementary School was first located on Hyghway 178 in a wooden building. As the building aged and deteriorated, the student body was moved into the city limits of Pickens into Pickens Mill School. That school was renamed Ben Hagood School in 1963 because of the school's close association with the Hagood family whose ancestor, William M. Hagood, founded the Pickens Mill Textile Plant in 1907.

"As early as 1894, the Hagood School was described as having a good enrollment. School was closed on account of the building, but the patrons were well pleased when a supplemental school opened here. The building was a new one and seemed all right as far as complete, except the foundation was hardly sufficient.

The school was located up behind Master's Grocery Store on Highway 178. The students walked to school and carried their lunch to school in a lard bucket, and the building had wood heat. Sometimes the school would give them cheese, crackers, and pork and beans. They went to school for nine months from September until May. Some of the subjects taught were spelling, reading, English and math. 

In 1947 Hagood School had three teachers who taught 76 students in seven grades. The school building was badly in need of repairs. Some of the desks were 'homemade' and did not fit the children. The floors had been oiled. 

Lunches were served only in the winter months. The proceeds from all public programs were used to help keep the lunch room in operation. Even though the school grounds were large, they were grown up and badly eroded. This gave the children practically no place to play. 

Pickens MIll School was the first elementary school in the state to have a fulltime home economics teacher. She planned the menus, did the buying, supervised the school garden and the care of some pigs for the school, directed the Junior Homemakers of America, and helped with the canning of foods like okra, beans, squash, greens, cucumbers, butterbeans, etc. 

Pickens Mill School was used for other purposes besides school. It served as a community center, a meeting place for the scouts, and an annual community fair." 

from A History: The Schools of Pickens County, compiled by The Pickens County Schools Historical Committee: 1995, pages 124-125, 226-227, 228-229.

School Colors

Royal blue and white



REGAL,our eagle, represents

Reaching for
All year

Mascot History

Not long after moving into Hagood school at its current location, the student body was polled for the purpose of identifying a mascot for our school. The Eagle was chosen and over the years, the appearance of our mascot has changed somewhat. We believe that Hagood's Team can soar high like the eagle, to achieve excellence in education.